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Friday, August 03, 2007

'My daughter has made mistakes', Lionel Richie

Singer has admitted that his daughter 'has made some mistakes'.

Jessica Simpson turns to professional matchmakers to find love

, done with relying on family and friends to set her up and ready to move beyond the LA club scene to find her beau, is now on the lookout for a successful entrepreneur and not averse to using a to find one.

Fuller made injured Beckham make US debut

It is a well known fact that is the main orchestrator in 250 million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, but what might not be known is that the British record and television producer was also the brains behind sending an injured Beckham onto the field.

Marc Anthony's woes ? 2 wives, 1 magazine cover

Singer is not a happy man these days, for wife and ex wife are sharing space on the cover of a mag.