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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cover Feature Winging Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

"Im that interview a actress, " I say in mine -- eventually -- little cadence annoying. Not defective, considering this sparrow small particular didnt it even prepares. It cracks of the woman to attention. He is in delay and I wish to make sure that the staff will know where to direct it when he arrives, in way I approach myself al matre d. I point out the name of Cotillards. When the director of the ways len Rose has launch virtual disowning while , it has hit loro -- the mesmerising has gained an Oscar for the role. "Oh. Talks to the Saroyan strawberry I am in the restaurant palatial of a hotel of hills of Beverly, waiting for the woman who has gained this actress better Oscar, Marion Cotillard of years. "Wow, " exclaims. The "I it has seen that one. It was in the ways len Rose... It was good but a lot disturbing.". That the " plays of Edith Piaf...; Train outside.

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