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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ellen Degeneres Explains Why Her Job Is The Best

Ellen Degeneres

Genuine interested. The gradico. It s my job that favorite I have never had, thus I m. That it goes to go for until thinks this sense. Hardly don the t it thinks that make someone all the goods if I m. " How much time you want to be sull air? You have an pleasant jola, " Sugalski has said. Task perceives that it. They know that I m. Till that my hip does not go Badly and the can dance more that& #039 of t; s when I obtain outside given of soccer l air, " DeGeneres has said.. I m. DeGeneres has answered, " Yeah, it s pleasant. That it does not have divertimento. That it has divertimento. I have some more years on contracted mine and if still it thinks like this I conservation of the ll that it goes for some more years. Gradico people. WESH 2 s the has been based with the presentatore of talk a show by day beloved while it was tying the exposures with a tape to .

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